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Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is the original “All American Dog”

Welcome to the site dedicated to the Boston Terrier! If you have a Boston Terrier or are thinking about adopting an adult or puppy we hope you find this site helpful. Here you can learn Boston Terrier facts and read the many heart warming stories about this breed.

“Welcome to the breed that is as reliable as a Chevrolet
and low-maintenance as a pair of blue jeans”

Rescue is dear to our heart and will be one of the main themes of this website.  Here you will learn all about, not only Boston Terrier rescues, but also about dog rescues in general. Many, many people volunteer 20 to 30 hours EACH week to rescue and transport dogs to safety even as these same volunteers have full time jobs, spouses, and children and, they do this EVERY week of the year!

They have amazing stories to tell!

Boston Terrier up close picture

The Breed is Known for its’ expressive face

“Boston Terriers are as friendly as a cowboy and as courageous as a Minute Man.”

Please check out the “About Me” page and I would love it if you would submit stories and pictures about YOUR experiences. My own dog is a Boston Terrier mix and I will be writing about her.

“A Boston is Pure Comedy and Pure Love”

Picture of English Bulldo and White English Terrier

The Boston Terrier was created by breeding an English Bulldog with a White English Terrier

Boston Terrier Facts

  • Developed in the United States. Known as “The All American Dog” and “The American Gentleman” (because of the perfect markings and colors that look like a tuxedo).
  • Cross between an English Bulldog and a White English Terrier
  • Everyone that has one calls them the “perfect companion”
  • Easy to keep
  • Outstanding qualities include being sturdy, handsome, elegant, loyal, loving, extraordinary, intelligent, gentle, well mannered, sweet nature, clown-like
  • Breed was developed in a stable in Boston
  • Recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1893
  • In the early 20th century was the #1 breed in the United States
  • Great with children and other pets
  • Easy to train
  • Easy to groom
  • Only require moderate amounts of exercise
  • Produces flatulence due to a short muzzle that causes them to take in air when eating
  • Short muzzle also causes them to frequently grunt and snore
  • Does not bark unless necessary
  • Good guard dogs
Two Boston Terrier Puppies

Boston Terrier Puppies


This breed was developed in the city that it was named after, Boston in the post Civil war era. It was originally bred to be a fighting dog as a cross between an English White Terrier and English Bulldog. As the breed was developed the aggressive tendencies were bred out of future generations leaving the best features for today’s dog parents.  The breed was recognized by the AKC in 1893.  The breed standard can be found at the website of the Boston Terrier Club of America.

Color Patterns

The Boston Terrier has 3 distinct color patterns:

  • brindle: black and white
  • black: black and white
  • seal: appears black but has a reddish cast when viewed in the sunlight.

“A Boston Terrier is always well-dressed and usually well-mannered.”

3 Boston Terrier Color Patterns

Boston Terriers have 3 Distinct Color Patterns

Considerations when Adopting

These dogs are active and easily overheat so take this into account if you live in a warm climate.

Questions to ask a Breeder:

Make sure the parents of any Boston Terrier puppy meet the following criteria:

  • If the parents has passed an eye exam by a CERF (Certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist)
  • Passed a BAER hearing test
  • Passed a complete physical that checked for normal knees (patellas), and that is in good health
  • Parents should be checked for any signs of a genetic disease
  • Gentle temperament


The dogs live 15 years or more but suffer from respiratory issues. The average dog lives between 11 and 13 years.  Take this into consideration if you live in a tropical climate.

3 Boston Terrier Puppies in Basket

Playful Boston Terrier Puppies

Caring for a Boston

A Boston does well in small spaces such as an apartment. They are not the best outdoor dog in extreme heat or cold. When with a Terrier outdoors, they should always be on a leash or in a fence confined area.

Like all dogs, they require human companionship and moderate amounts of exercise. After moving from being a puppy to adult, they will need to be walked outdoors for exercise and bathroom breaks about 4 times a day.

Neutering and Spaying

We always recommend spaying and neutering before a dog becomes sexually mature. Spayed bitches are healthier and live longer. Neutered males will not be as aggressive and reduces any risk of testicular cancer.

The Bottom Line

The Boston loves people, is easy to train and is a great family dog.

Check back frequently for updates. I can not WAIT to share with you and to hear all about YOUR experiences with this delightful breed!!  Also, sign up for our newsletter to hear even more about this wonderful breed, to see pictures that were submitted to the site and to get the latest health news on this and other breeds.